Speaking Topics

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Smart or hard?
Martin engages and supports your audience to release the brakes and create breakthroughs to dramatically increase results, create more free time all while having more fun and fulfilment doing it.

Moving Mountains Together
Innovation, creativity and engagement can’t be bought. The company has to earn them. This talk will lay the foundation for your team to create a company culture to truly move mountains together.

Strong From Within – Miracle “Confidence”
Overcome your inner critic. Find the source of your inner strength. Take the next step in confidence. Explore with Martin what would be possible if only you dared to be fabulous? Be on your way to a fulfilling and exciting personal and professional life.

The “Stress-Be-Gone” Formula
We are all stressed out. In this talk Martin will lead you with a surprisingly simple yet powerful technique from the field of energy psychology that will create mental space and dissolve stress often within minutes.