Stress Relief NOW with EFT – The Miracle of Meridian Tapping

Thanks for watching my interview at the International Speaking Summit. Public Speaking is one of the most common scares for many people. And as I mentioned in my talk, Tapping is a very potent way to achieve stress relief. Here on this page you can find an introduction to Tapping. For participants of the Summit I have prepared a special handout to identify your stressors. Please sign up at the bottom of this page and I’ll send you a handout with all the tapping points and also a checklist to find your specific stressors that prevent you from being relaxed and authentic on (and also off) stage!Enjoy!!

Life is stressful? Feeling overwhelmed? Somehow there is an invisible ceiling as to what you can achieve? If one or all of these symptoms are happening in your life right now, you have come to the right place. One could even say, stress relief is just a tap away. Well, ok, maybe a few …

EFT is one of the fastest and gentlest way to reach stress relief, release overwhelm and sub conscious blocks that keep us from achieving happiness and/or goals in life. I am again and again bewildered and surprised how efficient they are and how easy it is to apply them.

Watch an introduction to Tapping here and learn what it is, how it works and how you can apply it yourself.

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to request a detailed handout for your tapping sessions (the reference sheet that I mention in the video):

Do you want support in stress relief or experience one of the following?

  • Stage fright / Fear of Public Speaking?
  • Fear of riding an aeroplane / car / train?
  • Fear of animals like spiders, mice, snakes, etc.?
  • stress in sales / with rejection?
  • bouts of negative emotions like anger, jealousy, sadness?
  • feeling like you are stuck or can’t decide what’s next – wanting more clarity on which route to take in your life?

One can even do a lot on one’s own. Just let’s be clear – I am talking here about the common stress and usual negative emotions that all of us experience due to life happening. EFT can support you with any of those and hundred of thousands around the world have experienced improvement or relieve from stressful conditions.

EFT is still considered experimental, however scientific studies were conducted in several countries by now and it has been accepted by APA (American Psychological Association) as evidence based practice for phobias, fear, depression and PTSD. Even with more severe psychological conditions Tapping will probably make a great difference, but if you are in such a situation, please see an expert or a doctor to guide you through the process.

Having said that, I still want to stress how magical Tapping can be for the rest of us – not only for stage fright, but starting with mere physical symptoms like shoulder pain, headaches or a sore throat. Or you can use it to break patterns of overeating, smoking or other vices. And of course you can beautifully release anxieties, rejections or states of overwhelm that we all encounter when living our demanding and busy lives and help achieve more sport or business success with greater ease than you ever thought.

So enjoy tapping. Do you want support?

I also offer 1-on-1 coaching (in person or worldwide via Skype or Zoom) if you want to find stress relief, need to break through a block quickly or are simply fed up with carrying that anxiety or “thing” around for so long. If you are not sure whether I can help or have any questions on how to apply EFT to your specific issue, feel free to contact me ( about a 1-on-1 training session, where you learn exactly how to use EFT to make you emotional free. 🙂

peterivanovOne can reach excellent results with EFT – here is what Peter Ivanov who won the Balkan championship 2014 and other gold medals for discus throw and javelin says:

“Martin supported me as EFT Coach to prepare for the Balkan Athletic games in Discus throw. In very short time we developed a script that greatly helped me to improve my throwing technique and visualise the success. At the age of 44 I managed to do a Life time Personal Best and become Senior Balkan Champion for 12 countries in South East Europe. This “micro” investment in time combined with Martin’s mastery have led to a brilliant result!”


By the way – watch here Jack Canfield endorsing me for my EFT work (in the video from minute 2:09 on – however the whole video is worth watching):

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