Thrive on Change – It Depends on You

There is only one thing that remains constant in today’s world – CHANGE.

Oh, and another bad news: motivation DOESN’T WORK!

So, once we have clarified that, you, your team, your employees or any stake holder have got a choice: Are you going to be a victim or a VICTOR?

Most people do not give much thought about how they show up in life. They just react. Martin inspires people in this keynote to become conscious forces for positive change, for creating a mindset that will allow high performance teams to move ahead in a way that is sustainable and performant.

We just have to find within ourselves the viewpoint that allows us to become active agents for a change that is empowering and not petrifying.

With years of studies in Buddhist philosophy, Energy Psychology and Self-Esteem Martin uses all his knowledge and intuition to inspire your team to find the very place within themselves from which true passion and power can be ignited. You can’t motivate people to do that – you can only inspire them to find that precious space within them, that will allow them to do that.  And yes, everyone has it. Not everyone wants to find it. Martin’s keynote will help you sort that out.