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What fear are you holding on to?

Today is the International Face Your Fears Day One of the easiest ways to face a fear you may hold – and to let go of it quickly and without pain is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), often also called auch

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Thank you Greece

Thank you, Greece! You have been wonderful. I just had the most amazing experience at Jill Douka’s Better Life Day The engagement, friendliness and hospitality was just beyond

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See how Louise Hay uses EFT

This is a must see – personal development legend Louise Hay was interviewed by Nick Ortner of World Tapping Summit as to how she uses EFT at age 86 and how it worked for her. Stunning and touching. Love it.

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New radio show online

Enjoy one of the most inspirational radio shows that I have ever done. Monique Blokzyl was an amazing host – we had a blast! She writes: ATTENTION! DUE TO TIME CHANGE THE SHOW STARTS AT 4:30pm TODAY!!! LISTEN LIVE TODAY

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