What fear are you holding on to?

Today is the International Face Your Fears Day

One of the easiest ways to face a fear you may hold – and to let go of it quickly and without pain is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), often also called auch Tapping or Meridian Tapping

I gave an Introduction into EFT two years ago on the occassion of the first “Better Life Day” in Athens, Greece. Have a look here on Youtube:

So, if it really was so easy – which fear that is holding you back or obstructing your life would YOU love to let go of?

Do yourself a favor – stop letting fears run your life or determine what you can do or can’t do. You don’t have to push through – what if there was a way to let it go easily and gently?

See what people say about EFT and myself at: http://martinlaschkolnig.com/efttalk/

Got questions? Let me know! And among all who comment or like this post on the different channels where it will be published, I’ll draw two lucky winners who will get each one coaching session for free. This coaching session will be held via Skype or phone and the date and time will be mutually agreed on, depending on availability.

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