Thank you Greece

Thank you, Greece! You have been wonderful. I just had the most amazing experience at Jill Douka’s Better Life Day

The engagement, friendliness and hospitality was just beyond
words. In an economic climate that is characterized by insecurity, pain and despair – 27% are out of jobs and a whopping 57% unemployment among youth between 15 and 25, this event should have never happened.

Nevertheless – more than 80 volunteers and 56 corporate sponsors gave time and resources to make it possible to bring 4 Greek and 4 international speakers from the US, Dubai and myself from Austria to Athens.

The organisation of the whole Event was flawless – thanks to the initiator Jill Douka and the magnificent head of production Eliza Tsolakou.

The audience was wonderful, we had a great time together. In spite of it being a long day and having already heard 6 speakers before they were engaged, interested and participated even though the concept of Tapping that I introduced isn’t an easy one. We had great fun.

And today in the morning I just got the most wonderful testimonial of a participant who learned about Tapping at the event and could immediately apply it at home to take away the fear of dark rooms from her 7 year old daughter. I almost made a happy dance in the airport. 🙂

So, thank you, Greece! I am looking forward to coming back!



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4 comments on “Thank you Greece
  1. Beautiful, dear Martin.
    Love Shawne

  2. Jill Douka says:

    You were AWESOME! People are still tapping!!!!!Thank you for being part of Better Life Day!!!

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